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The Week in Flux - 06/18

All of the Flux, None of the F*x

Actionesse will be featured on the next season of Band in Seattle. They join a long list of Lo Flux luminaries including Erik Blood, Dirty Dirty, The Spider Ferns, SassyBlack, and Gibraltar who've appeared on the show. Actionesse tapes on July 27th and will be joined by Grizzled Mighty.

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Speaking of The Spider Ferns, they gave an incredible performance at Jason Andrew Friendt's art show ++FORGIVE ME FATHER, I HAVE SINNED++ last weekend. With live visuals by Blazinspace, Kelly and Al filled Fred Wildlife with their fever dreams. See for yourself

Fluxin' About

  • Lady Krishna performs at EYE EYE tonight, 06/19. More info

  • Hotels will join Fabulous Downey Brothers, Brown Calculus, and DARK SMITH at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery this Friday, 06/22. Get tickets

  • SassyBlack will be part of KEXP's pride event Gayexp this Saturday, 06/23. More info

  • Tiffany Wilson is part of a big bill at The Swiss this Saturday, 06/23. More info

  • Tiffany Wilson performs Sunday, 06/24 at the Mural Stage at Seattle Center.


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