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The Week in Flux - 06/11

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

All of the Flux, None of the F*x

This Thursday, June 14th at Barboza, Black Giraffe and Breaks and Swells are hosting a dual video release show. Lanford Black will be opening the night and B&S will have vinyl copies of their incredible new album "We Will Not Despair" on hand as well. This is a fantastic bill with ample booty-shaking opportunities. Don't miss it! Get tickets

The Spider Ferns will perform as part of Jason Andrew Friendt's free, one-night only art exhibit ++FORGIVE ME FATHER, FOR I HAVE SINNED++ at Fred Wildlife Refuge this Sunday, June 17th.

Friendt's art is a reaction to his Catholic upbringing as young, queer man. WARNING: NUDITY AND ADULT SITUATIONS.


A Special Acknowledgement

Lo Flux head honcho Kelly Fleek lost her grandmother, Dolores Hotchkiss on June 1st. Delores was a pivotal figure in Kelly's life and will be missed greatly.

Lo Flux Media is a company of friends who treat each other as family. We are sending love to Kelly and her family in this sad time.

Fluxin' About

  • Charlie and the Rays will be performing at Hotel Albatross with Brett Benton this Thursday, June 14th. The event is sponsored Underwood Stables and American Standard Time. Get more info

  • Actionesse will burn it up at Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle on Saturday, June 15th. They'll be joining YUVEES, Strawberry Mountain and Replicants. More info


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