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The Week in Flux - 05/27

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

TOMORROW, SATURDAY JUNE 1ST the 6th annual Inscape Arts Bash goes down and it is gonna be ALL KINDS OF FLUX-Y!

We are a community partner and, in addition to our own table where you can find all the FLUXiest info, we are hosting our own stage! Featured will be Lo Flux family The Spider Ferns and Actionesse, as well as Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, Lemolo, and many others!

Fellow Flux-ites Cloud Person, Wall of Ears, and Youryoungbody will be playing the fest as well with other great bands like

Beverly Crusher, Kinski, Wild Powwers and many, many more!

Coffee Cup Productions will be on hand to film our stage and Artpunk Photography will be there as well.

Get tickets while you can! The fun starts at 3pm, get there early and stay super late!


Youryoungbody's bangin' track "4ever" was featured in KEXP's "Abbie Gobeli's Rotation" playlist on Spotify!


Patrick Galactic's single "My World Alone" was reviewed over at Artist Home.

Tony Kay was impressed, writing "I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of space-folk troubadour Patrick Galactic’s output, but “My World Alone,” his newest single is, in a word, stellar. Built on simple, insidious synth hooks, it’s an exhortation of simmering passion that whirrs along prettily even as toxic masculinity, anger and hostility surge to the surface."

Read the full story


Fluxin' About

  • The Spider Ferns, Actionesse, Cloud Person, and Wall of Ears are part of a huge lineup at Inscape Arts Bash on June 1st. Get tickets || More Info

  • Hel Mary will help celebrate the release of Witch Bottle's new album "Forest Spells" on June 13th at Black Lodge. Get info

  • Asterhouse join The Bones of JR Jones and Fruit Juice live at High Dive on Friday, June 21st. Get tickets || More info

  • Golden Idols join Killer Workout and Electric NoNo at The Sunset on Saturday, June 29th. Get tickets || More info

  • Asterhouse join Black Chevy and Toast the band at The Manette Saloon in Bremerton on Friday, July 5th. Get info


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