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The Week in Flux - 05/20

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 23rd is a night of FLUX at Barboza. Black Giraffe release their new Bowie EP and will be joined by fellow Flux alumni Hotels and Richie Dagger's Crime!

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The hits keep coming for our dark wave dreamboats, Youryoungbody. This time it's Respect My Region getting in on the act, writing, "Overall, this is a beautiful album that tells a story throughout and ends with a bang on “Liveleak” where Killian get to show off his production skills. Fully instrumental, “Liveleak” brings Devotion full circle with a moody mash-up of industrial, trance, techno, and the occasional jazzy tune."

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Listen to "Devotion"


The Spider Ferns are making big plans this summer and will be featured at Inscape Arts Bash on (06/01), West Seattle Summer Fest (07/12-07/14) and Capitol Hill Block Party (07/19-07/21).

Kelly and Alton have a lot more coming up soon, give them a follow on your social network of choice and stay tuned!


Fluxin' About

  • Black Giraffe release their EP of David Bowie covers along with Hotels and Richie Dagger's Crime at Barboza on Thursday, May 23rd. Get tickets || More info

  • Asterhouse will be part of a great bill at The Sunset on Thursday, May 23rd. They'll be joined by Plum and RGK + The Alternative Facts. Get tickets || More info

  • The Spider Ferns, Actionesse, Cloud Person, and Wall of Ears are part of a huge lineup at Inscape Arts Bash on June 1st. Get tickets || More Info

  • Golden Idols join Killer Workout and Electric NoNo at The Sunset on Saturday, June 29th. Get tickets || More info


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