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The Week in Flux - 05/14

Only the hits, cause we're solid gold BAYBEEEEEEEE

Alt-Americana heavyweights Charlie and the Rays will release their self-titled LP this Friday. And that night they'll be celebrating with a release show at Barboza, also featuring Bad Saint and Lanford Black.

American Standard Time got the party started with a glowing review of The Charlies's new single "Babe It's Time to Go". “'Babe, It’s Time To go' is a leavin’ song built on a country-blues riff and a bevy of beautiful harmonies."

Don't miss their release show Friday and keep your ears open because Charlie and the Rays will continue causing a fuss.

The Stranger premiered the new Trick Candles single "Fast Times" – "'Fast Times' expertly captures the glammy, sleazy spirit of much of the best late-'70s/early-'80s new wave...Robbie Luna's desperate lead vocals and Prisilla Ray's serene backing coos really launching the song to adorable earworm status."

Actionesse released "Deep" on Friday, crushing The Sunset into oblivion and leaving our heroes Dirty Dirty devoid of their trousers! Inspired sets by Kulululu and WEEP WAVE rounded out the night and made for one hell of a party.

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