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The Week in Flux - 05/07

Another week, more Flux.

Actionesse will celebrate the release of their already-critically-acclaimed new EP "Deep" at The Sunset this Friday. Joining them for the night will be Lo Flux dreamboats Dirty Dirty as well as Kulululu and WEEP WAVE.

With singles premiered by KEXP and New Noise Magazine already, "Deep" is Actionesse's most intense effort yet. Lovably hailed as "weirdo rock", their combination of hardcore punk and zany horns with stone-serious societal critique has tastemakers all atwitter.

Actionesse will be leaving for tour directly after this show, don't miss it!

If you haven't already, check out Vox Mod's newest release, "Sense of Us". Voxy has long been hailed as a master of dreamy electronic texture and "Sense of Us" takes things to a whole new level.

Big beats, ornate electro-psychedelic composition and a lyrical call for spiritual communion make this a can't miss release from Vox.

||| Hot Show Alert |||

We are extremely excited for Lo Flux Americana favorites Charlie and the Rays to release their debut self-titled full-length this month. Their release show takes place Friday, May 18th at Barboza. They'll be joined by Bad Saint and Lanford Black. Come and party!

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