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The Week in Flux - 04/30

Updated: May 1, 2018

Another week, more Flux. Our artists killed it this week! We have cool pics from last week's shows and dates for more coming up.

Premier Alert

The EP is full of extremely rich hooks with warm musical progressions, such as the entirety of “241.”
Kelly Fleek of The Spider Ferns
Kelly Fleek of The Spider Ferns. Photo by Monica Martinez.

Fluxin' About

- Nearby and The Spider Ferns laid their souls bare with incredible sets at Barboza as part of Vox Mod's release show on Wednesday.

- Breaks and Swells were pure fire at the Clock-Out Lounge as part of Mirrorgloss's release show.

- Erik Blood and Irene Barber gave a rousing performance at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery as part of the Seagaze festival on Saturday.

- Also on Saturday, Trick Candles SOLD OUT The Sunset as they released their new EP "Pretend We're Alone". This was an epic party and the Candles delivered big in the headlining spot. Dreamcatchr and Fruit Juice were also incredible.

Irene Barber, Erik Blood at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
Irene Barber (left) and Erik Blood (right) at Seagaze festival, Lo-Fi Performance Gallery. Photo by Chris Schanz.

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