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The Week in Flux - 04/29


NRVS LVRS and their new track "Whatever and Ever" were in the news at this week.

"Upon a first listen to “Whatever & Ever,” one might feel like they’ve been transported into a John Hughes soundtrack via some sort of time warp. Gomez’s deep, dark, soul-penetrating vocals recall an early Matt Johnson (The The) whereas Fernandez’s rhythmic, industrial styling is reminiscent of Depeche Mode (“Master & Servant”) and New Order (“Bizarre Love Triangle”) but with a modern touch, almost as if a brand new keyboard is playing an old, familiar song." Read the full article | Learn more about NRVS LVRS


Patrick Galactic Premiere

Patrick Galactic dropped his new single "My World Alone" last Friday, 04/26 with a premiere at Big Takeover Magazine.

"The song was written as a bit of a throwaway in 2013,” said Galactic. “When I rediscovered the track, it was a somber, slow, minor key dirge. Reimagining it as a velvety pop breakup song from a narcissist’s point of view…someone who is coming from the heart but utterly unaware of their own toxicity and unaccountable for their behavior…gave it gravity. It felt vital and necessary.” Read the full article | Listen to "My World Alone" | More about Patrick


Actionesse were included in prolific Seattle writer Jake Uitti's "The Best Songs I Heard in April" list at Artist Home.

"In this age of 'information', it’s refreshing to hear a band shout in punk unison, “I want doubts!” Because, of course, it’s through curiosity and the admission that we don’t always know the answer that we learn. The track kicks off the band’s 10-song 2019 release, The Deep, Bright Below, which is more than worth checking out if you want to learn more.

Read the full story | More Actionesse  

Fluxin' About

  • Patrick Galactic joins Acid Smoker and Garden Chat at Victory Lounge on Friday, May 10th. Get info

  • Golden Idols join Shy Boys and Pavo Pavo May 10th at High Dive. Get tickets || Get info

  • Hel Mary return to the stage on Saturday, May 18th with BloodMoon Orchestra and Tekla Waterfield at The Sunset. Get tickets

  • Black Giraffe release their EP of David Bowie covers along with Hotels and Richie Dagger's Crime at Barboza on Thursday, May 23rd. Get tickets || More info

  • The Spider Ferns, Actionesse, Cloud Person, and Wall of Ears are part of a huge lineup at Inscape Arts Bash on June 1st. Get tickets || More Info


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