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The Week in Flux - 03/11

Lo Flux dynamo Terabyte had a huge week with reviews of her new EP "¥€$".

Indie zine giant The Big Takeover said "Being inspired by the idea of possession, whether it be by machine, alien, or spirit, the idea that there is something much bigger than us out there, something that may be controlling our destinies and our behaviors, either directly, or indirectly is of much interest to her and a common theme throughout her music.

The emotional value she derives from dreams and the dreamscape mood is what inspires her, alongside the complexity of real life. Many dreams have key visual elements with deep emotions attached, and this is the realm she enjoys —experiencing her realities and creating a sonic world with her dreams."

Terabyte and Lo Flux Sludge Gods Dirty Dirty were both reviewed at Artist Home by Tony Kay. Of Terabyte's new EP, Kay says "The EP’s two highlights dwell between those bookends. The midtempo vibe of “Nobody Else” shifts from a spare, alien-soulful backbeat to a robo-reggae shuffle. And “Hackaboy” bolsters its retro synth sounds and imaginative harmonies with soaring cartoon crescendoes. Fans of Little Dragon’s continental brand of exotic electronica will find a ton to love here."

Kay reviewed Dirty Dirty's recent Den Tapes release "Emotional Whatever Things", saying "The band’s sound is well-served on this recent Den Tapes release. 'Emotional Whatever Things' is a blast of ripsaw anger that careens through its minute and 52 seconds like a school bus plummeting down a ravine. “The Ladder” hurtles post-punk mud and shrapnel at a re-recording of one of the band’s early tracks, and Forester’s operatic vocals turn their cover of PJ Harvey’s “Oh My Lover” into an epic gutter-metal anthem. The band’s full-length debut is reportedly around the bend, and if it’s anywhere near this exhilarating, it’ll be one hell of a ride. 

Read the full review and check out these great releases!


  • Dirty Dirty join a loaded lineup at Make.Shift in Bellingham on Saturday, March 23rd. Get info

  • Actionesse join a huge lineup at Substation including So Pitted, Gymshorts and MONSTERWATCH on Friday, March 29th. Get tickets

  • Breaks and Swells will be live at The W Hotel in Seattle on Friday, March 29th. Get info

  • Actionesse and Asterhouse join Fuzz Mutt and The Morning After at Black Lab Gallery on Saturday, March 30th. Get info

  • Gibraltar will join Society of the Silver Cross, Night Ships and YAR at Chop Suey on Sunday, April 7th. Get tickets

  • Richie Dagger's Crime will join Select Level, Screens and DJ Champion Sounds at The Tractor on Sunday, April 14th. Get tickets

  • The Spider Ferns will join Portland band Darkswoon and Moon Soup at Le Voyeur in Olympia on Friday, April 26th. Get info

  • Gibraltar announced a show with Night Ships at Cha Cha Seattle on Thursday, May 2nd. Get info

  • Hel Mary return to the stage on Saturday, May 18th with BloodMoon Orchestra and Tekla Waterfield at The Sunset. Get tickets


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