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Freakout Fest Day 2 Recap

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Prizm Bitch - Photo by John Theroux

It's time for our Day 2 recap of Freakout Fest! Team FLUX was in full effect and we've got more amazing pics and video to share.

Patrick Galactic - Golden Idols

I couldn't make it to Day 1 and was really bummed as I scrolled through the Lo Flux Instagram and watched our videos roll in. Golden Idols were the first band I saw on Day 2 and, as it happens, one of the very best. Their wit, devilish lyrical humor and incredible songwriting got everything started for me on the right foot. Pop music gets a bad rap but, when done right, it is perhaps the most fascinating of all genres. Rock'n'roll is in a slump on the worldwide stage and people seem to think it needs to change massively to stay relevant. I hold up Golden Idols as an example that pop is great and rock doesn't have to change...they just have to be great. Nothing but love for these cats, I'm very excited for the new tunes they have coming out soon.

**Photos by John Theroux **Video by Patrick Galactic

Marquetta Miller - Kung Foo Grip

After catching the very end of Kung Foo Grip's set at the Nectar Lounge earlier this Fall, making time to see them at the Lagunitas Taproom was a no-brainer. The Seattle area boom-bap/trap/punk chameleons put on a wild show, giving an arena worthy level of energy on every track. The crowd quickly grew after the opening songs, drawn by the obvious chemistry between MCs Eff Is H and Greg Scott. KFG dropped their Keyboard Kid-produced record “2.K.F.G” at the beginning of 2018, earning them accolades from KEXP and slots at both Upstream and Bumbershoot. When KFG reached the boastful chorus of their recent single, “No Comparison” I could not help but agree with their claim.

Spotted: Just about everyone with a phone out, doing it for the ‘gram.

** Photos by John Theroux ** Video by Marquetta Miller

Kelly Fleek - Night Beats

Let's just say I threw caution to the wind and danced like a fiend for the entire set. As in, I danced like a wild woman in a steam bath full of Peyote, surrounded by disco balls and liquid lights. That's really not too far from reality considering the sauna-like heat in the packed venue, and the spilling beers from the writhing crowd around me. I was also wearing the perfect dress, covered in roses and wearing high heeled, red faux-leopard boots. I wish I'd planned that rather than it being wonderfully accidental to match my outfit to the moment. I am eternally entranced by the bands psychedelic rock meets R&B sound, both melodically and sonically. The vibe is the cinematic stuff of a woman in a torn dress running barefoot across a hot desert —road runners and burning sun motes keeping step with her. Fast cars and old cowboy hats, tight jeans and a killer pair of boots. I didn't want it to end. I can never tell if Night Beats are still from Seattle or Texas now? Who cares. Just go see them.  

Patrick Galactic - Beverly Crusher

Beverly Crusher is one of those bands whose name I've seen a lot, heard a lot, heard a fair amount of hype about, but never actually heard. After their relentless set at Freakout Fest, it's a name I won't be forgetting any time soon. I got to the Eagles Club early and bullshitted with some friends waiting for things to get started. It's a fun feeling to have no idea what's about to happen. Within 45 seconds of their set starting, I was magnetized and never looked away. Hard-charging, post-grunge (I HATE THIS GENRE NAME BUT YOU GOTTA CALL IT SOMETHING) vibes had the crowd moving and even a rather odd attempt at crowd surfing. Kids - when there's only 4-5 of you, you're not going to go very far. If surfing for 7 seconds before falling on the floor is fun to you, by all means. Anyway, the Crushers did a lot of crushing and made me a committed fan. Their recent single "Gimmie the Power" exemplifies the simplicity and power of their attack while remaining imminently hummable. Along with MONSTERWATCH, they are at the forefront of a legit sludge pop revival. Don't sleep on them.

**Photos by John Theroux **Video by Patrick Galactic

Marquetta Miller - B.A.G.

Saturday's lineup at the Tractor curated by StasTHEEBoss radiated a unique vibe, with women centered or featured in nearly every set. The final act, Bay Area battle rap star Blimes Brixton and Seattle's own Gifted Gab, had swagger to spare, ending the night by jumping down on the floor, surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd. I was out of storage on my phone, a bit tipsy, and regretting my choice of footwear, but I found myself unwilling to leave until the very last song. Such an inspiring performance is to be expected from a duo who went viral this Spring with the video for their single, “Come Correct”, a cool and confident statement of unflinching superiority.

Spotted: A strong showing all evening from the #BlackConstellation fam, whether it was on the stage or out on the floor.

**Photos and video by Marquetta Miller

Kelly Fleek - Acid Tongue

The lo-fi dream-psych darlings that are Acid Tongue were in excellent form on Saturday night. Drummer Ian Cunningham kept the groovy metronomic beats flowing all while maintaining a massive grin on his face through the entire set, framed only by his Burt Reynolds mustache and happy eyes. Perfect. Frontman Guy Keltner held court with his at-ease, "I've-got-this" rocker posture that always reminds me of slick dressed 80's bands from Manchester, England, and I adore it. I have zero idea who the woman was rocking the bass —l Ioved the elegant urban goddess vibes she brought both in sound and vision to the set that was a great addition to the entire ensemble. Acid Tongue tours so much that shows in Seattle have become a treat rather than a frequent offering. Pay attention to their tour schedules and get your tickets early when they return. 

Patrick Galactic - Porter Ray

Porter Ray is cooler than me. Porter Ray is cooler than you. We do not deserve Porter Ray. The only thing we, as a society in the presence of the divine, can do is bow down and beg to be forgiven for our trespasses of inadequacy against Porter Ray. The mood in the Tractor was a little different than every other stage. Namely, no rock. This was chill and it seemed like everyone was pleasantly drunk and/or stoned, sinking in to the vibes effortlessly, basking in the glow of one of the Northwest rap scene's brightest lights. The Sub Pop artist (he will remind your ass) paced the stage, spitting out rhymes, bouncing with an intense stare, rapping directly to audience phones. Intensely passionate, authentic and braggadocius, Porter Ray cast a long shadow over the rest of my evening, one for which I was deeply grateful.

**Photos by John Theroux **Video by Marquetta Miller

Marquetta Miller - Los Blenders

Looking around during Los Blenders second Freakout! Fest set at Caffé Umbria, I could only imagine the pandemonium their infectious blend of Nuggets-era garage/psych/surf rock caused at The Sunset on Friday. Conscious of the close quarters, I resigned myself to some aggressive head-nodding, but the jubilant gang vocals and driving rhythms of the four-piece had me wishing for room to jump around. The breakout stars of Mexico City's Coapa neighborhood not only put on an excellent show, but were kind as well, with bassist Osmar Espinosa taking a minute to chat with me about his amazing patchwork leather sweater. Spotted: Alaia, Los Blenders’ host for the week, bopping along before the Tres Leches set later in the evening. ** Videos by Marquetta Miller

Kelly Fleek - Prism Bitch

I fell hard and fast for this bouncy, raucous band of garage-rock babes from New Mexico.  They lobbed harmonies and vocal hooks at me with lightning speed that had me singing along (probably all the wrong words but...) and dancing almost instantly.  The bands stage antics were infectious and no one could stand still. To top it off, they're just a bunch of rad humans, hellbent on having a good time and making sure we all have one with them.  

**Photos by John Theroux

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