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#SEESHARP is a transportive, emotionally-rich modern R&B classic that is equally soul soothing and unflinching in its societal critique.  Tiffany Wilson bathes the listener in impassioned and inviting vocals that recall the vocal stylings of R&B greats Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack. 

Tiffany Wilson was born in the rich musical landscape of Memphis, Tennessee. Nurtured in the church choir, Wilson was drawn to gospel-rooted legends such as Bobby Womack, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston.  Wilson later relocated to Washington state and began her musical journey as a member of SOUL a gospel group signed to Hendrix Records, a Seattle-based label. While a member of SOUL, Wilson’s spark for songwriting was ignited and has burned brightly since.  Wilson released her Sophomore album in July 2016, entitled #SEESHARP, a collaboration with indie label WeCoast Records With this project, Wilson's plan is to use her pen, voice and outlook to shed some light and love on what's taking place in our shared world. 

Track list:
  1. Apocalypse Party
  2. American Dreams
  3. Eyes Closed
  4. Golden Handcuffs
  5. The Justice [feat. Funklove]
  6. Me & You
  7. In Between
  8. Ain't No Use
  9. Shut The Door
10. Your Love

"Directed and produced by Darian Nieves, (the video) flashes between harrowing images of protests and racial violence and Wilson—resplendent in multi-colored braids, Cazal specs and a giant hat—marching through Seattle and accumulating a troupe of like-minded freedom fighters. She calls out the crucial question in the chorus: “When we gonna choose a better way?/And pour a little love in every move we make?/What we gonna do?/Change gon’ take me and you.”


Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts Magazine 

"After utterly blowing my mind as part of keyboardist Lucas Field’s sharp-as-shit live band five years ago, singer Tiffany Wilson fell off of my radar for a good spell. What a return #SEESHARP is. It’s nothing less than Wilson’s swing for the fences, a worthy and largely self-penned 21st century successor to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On—both in its clarion call for unity in adverse times, and in its sumptuous, soulful analog warmth." —Tony Kay, The Sunbreak

"The Memphis-bred Wilson's sound is simply beautiful, expressive soul (thankfully light on the neo- trappings) with the subtle neckrolling swagger of 90's R&B. Love music. The production is slick and classy, moving and never syrupy."  Larry Mizell Jr., The Stranger


"What the world needs now/ is love, sweet love." This week it seems we need it now more than ever, but on the bright side, Seattle is overflowing with artists who have love to share and talent to spare. In the case of vocalist Tiffany Wilson —whose recent KEXP performance stopped me in my tracks when I heard it two rooms away streaming from my husband's phone—there's no denying the power and passion of her voice (because you've got something special if you can make that kind of impression through a teeny-tiny hand-held device). —Gwendolyn Elliott, Seattle Magazine

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