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the spider ferns
Who Stands Alone
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If Saturday at the Capitol Hill Block Party was defined by the mountain of local talent that filled the Cha Cha, Sunday could have been most notable for the amount of electronic music that occupied Neumos, including Seattle’s The Spider Ferns, whose blend of jittery and ghost-like elements proved to be an excellent antidote to the seemingly-blazing summer sun that occupied much of Sunday. Singer Kelly Fleek was at once enigmatic and bold in her performance, her voice full of volume but her lyrics never quite explaining the evocative scenes she and the band’s electronics painted. A sharp, downtempo contrast to both the big tent EDM that dominated much of the adjacent main stage throughout the weekend and the blistering, sarcasm-damaged punk that seemed to define the festival’s local presence at points, The Spider Ferns’ silvery swirl stood out on a day – and to be fair, weekend – where electronic music reigned king. -Jacob Webb,

“Kelly Fleek’s lovely trill of a voice­ think Kate Bush at the cusp of innocence lost­ provides the anchor for T​he Spider Ferns’​fluidly grooving, sensual electronic pop.”
-Tony Kay, City Arts Magazine

“The Spider Ferns...record gleaming, sensual songs that split the difference between triphop and dreamy pop

 —“S​oon Enough”​features Kelly’s silky, languid vocals hovering over the pair’s artfully minimalist compositions that deploy keyboards, guitar, and bass. It’s a stripped­down urban sound created in the boonies, designed to give you shivers.”
-Dave Segal, The Stranger

“The Spider Ferns... undeniable musical chemistry reads clearly on record, via haunting layers of electronic beats, live strings and Kelly’s sensual, eerie vocals. The duo has once again created a passionate set of downtempo, experimental magic with an undeniable groove —There are swerving guitars, deep bass, expanding atmospheres here that create a sense of other­worldly rhythm. It’s a rhythm fit for both lying on the ground beneath a blanket of stars, in touch with the earth, and dancing, eyes closed in a dark club.”

­-Stephanie Dore, Seattle Music News

“Start with a trippy base of electronic swirls, dark chord progressions and toss the dreamy, alt­pop vocals of Kelly Fleek on top of it, and you get the interplanetary sounds of T​he Spider Ferns.​They’re already known for their out­of­-this­-world sound, and their new release “S​afety”​ solidifies them as a force to be reckoned with in the musical landscape  —It’s always refreshing to hear a band that has not only found their sound and style, but owns that sound and dives in to create music that increases in quality with subsequent releases.  Safety is no exception."
-Rebekha Ann Curtis, Northwest Music Scene

'Who Stands Alone'  "Anthemic in nature, the song leans heavily on Kelly’s expertly controlled warble, which recalls ‘90s luminaries Kate Bush and Beth Gibbons in its complex emotional sensuality. But Alton’s not sitting on his laurels with the production. The brooding electronic beat anchors the track while guitar strums and a slinky synth line subtly fill it in until rupturing at the chorus into a glorious crescendo of extrication.

It’s a moment where you can hear the loosening of the shackles of grief to make way for a liberated life of untold levels of joy. Which is something I think we all need to hear right now. We might not know what’s going to happen but we do know eventually, maybe soon or maybe not, the fog will lift and we won’t stand alone." —Jasmine Albertson, KEXP



The Spider Ferns EP Safety is an intoxicating opium dream —a powerful and entrancing call to ponder the human condition, pulling you into a universe where time and presence dissolve into transcendent beauty.  Laden with swirling guitars, driving beats and luminous vocals, The Spider Ferns' latest release recalls the dark-pop of 4AD denizens Portishead and Massive Attack, interlaced with post-punk pulses reminiscent of Siouxie And The Banshees and the modern, synth-driven stylings of The XX and Phantogram.  

The Spider Ferns create dark sophisticated electronic rock with heavy downtempo beats and striking, seductive vocals.  Their music combines a slick trip-hop nostalgia with a dreamy Northwestern haze; —like if Portishead lived deep in the forests of Washington state. -Decoder Magazine.  The pair have been referred to as "..One of the most mesmerizing duos in the history of Seattle rock." -Nadamucho

Who Stands Alone and Safety were written, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by The Spider Ferns at Sanctuary Studios —tucked in the woodland foothills, where music happens, late at night, in a converted barn at the base of a small mountain.  Who Stands Alone was mastered by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering in Portland, Oregon. 


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