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The top choice for artists looking for radio play.

We submit your music to a handpicked list of the best college radio stations in the U.S. and select international stations in Canada and Europe.

HYPERION also includes creating a media package to accompany your submissions, ensuring program directors and DJ's have the information they need to not only play your music, but talk about your band as well.

HYPERION has a variety of options to fit your budget and is a great way to get your music to the masses.  HYPERION is also a great add-on to our other services. 


An excellent package for releasing singles, video releases, or tours.  CALLISTO provides you with one PR email campaign conducted by Lo Flux Media staff along with brand and social media analysis. CALLISTO has the option of adding on our tailored radio promotion package to give your project the added benefit of physically distrubing CD's and promotional mailers to your desired audiences.  We encourage adding physical promotional materials as a wonderful way to personalize and strenghten a shorter campaign.


Great for EP and full length album releases.  NEPTUNE gives you the option of customizing your promotion into 2 or 3 email campaigns, extending the reach and momentum for your release by allowing you to highlight a single and/or a video.  NEPTUNE is an excellent service that expands the marketing analysis and brand development of our CALLISTO promotional package to include strategies for navigating the music industry, giving your release more time to build traction and increase the scope of your campaign, while providing you with the tools to refine your media presence and industry focus.  

jupiter and Io

Our most comprehensive service and the absolute best approach for album releases, video premiers and extensive tours.  JUPITER AND IO is a 5 to 6 month campaign that allows for the greatest level of brand recognition and artist development.  This service further expands on NEPTUNE and CALLISTO, providing you with digital marketing strategies, an artist bio, Lo Flux Media suggestions for conducting email interviews, 5 email campaigns and long term strategies for maintaining momentum following your release.  

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