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new black swing
New Black Swing
Track List: 
 1.  Games
 2.  Passion Paradise
 3.  Satisfied
 4.  I'll Wait For You
 5.  Wild
 6.  What We Gonna Do
 7.  Watching You
 8.  Glitches
 9.  Worthy 
New Black Swing is radio ready and all tracks are FCC Clean. 

"Afrofuturism meets retro Hip-hop in soul singer SassyBlack's new music video "Glitches" — If "Glitches" is representative of what's to come from SassyBlack's 'New Black Swing,' we're definitely in for a treat."


"As a queer black woman inspired by everything from her IRL relationships to her scifi-heavy media diet, Cat is naturally out of this world. — 'New Black Swing' [It's] an expansive, vulnerable, psych-funk mind-trip, seamlessly layering her silky R&B vocals atop lush synths and throbbing bass."


"If you find it difficult to categorize SassyBlack's music, that means she's doing it right. [This song] "I'll Wait For You," in particular, is a mix of psychedelic, electronic, soul and jazz blended up into one, pure sound bite."


"If you've already heard xx's "I see you," you could check out R&B artist SassyBlack's 'Pop Treasury Vol.,' a short mix composed entirely of *NSYNC samples that premiered in City Arts.  The release follows Catherine Harris-White's ability to use familiar material to venture into surrelism —the samples are unrecognizable for anyone whose *NSYNC appreciation is seeped in nostalgia, turning the boy band into kaleidoscopic R&B."


"Seattle renaissance woman SassyBlack, previously one half of THEESatisfaction, will release her second solo album this June.  Titled 'New Black Swing,' it's the follow-up to 'No More Weak Dates.'  If her debut was entrenched in idealism, spontaneity, and a hopeful naivete', 'New Black Swing' is a slowed down, thoughtful foray into the idiosyncrasies of human attachment and vulnerability.  On the first single "Games," premiering on The FADER today, a playful melody and emphatic bass underscore SassyBlack's smoky vocals, evoking a sense of deep spatiality." 


New Black Swing is pure intoxication —Silky grooves that employ masterfully crafted beats, exquisite electronic textures, soulful lyrics and sublime R&B vocals that recall

the elegance of Ella Fitzgerald and Erykah Badu, inviting you into the world of SassyBlack —Poet, vocalist, producer and more.  New Black Swing is powerful, honest and vulnerable in equal measure.  

SassyBlack is a space aged vocalist and producer based in Seattle, WA.  You may know her voice from her previous group THEESatisfaction or her work with Shabazz Palaces.  This Goddess of "electronic psychedelic soul" and "hologram funk" explores sound through deep compositions.  With roots in classical and jazz, her voice is comparable to Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan while her production value is reminiscent of Roy Ayers, Pharrell and Herbie Hancock.  SassyBlack has traveled the world having performed in Berlin, Barcelona, New Orleans, Milan, London, Brooklyn and beyond.  

Sassy has gained praise from The Fader, NYLON, Pitchfork, Noisey, Saint Heron, SPIN and many others.  She successfully released her sophomore album New Black Swing in June of 2017 followed by tours across North America and Europe.  She's set to release new music in 2018.  

New Black Swing was recorded in Seattle at Mead St. Studios with Sam Anderson and mixed by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering

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