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The Week in Flux - 06/25

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

All of the Flux, none of the F*x

Rebel Noise in LA premiered the new Asterhouse single, "Mother Nature". "The song’s explosive instrumentation is contrasted with contemplative lyrics. Written about the fleeting quality of life, John Thornburg intones that “Mother Nature’s calling” as both a warning and a call to action." 

Black Giraffe premiered their gorgeous new video, "Little Black Dress" in City Arts Magazine. "The latest from Black Giraffe, “Little Black Dress,” suggests that these guys are right now ready for prime time. They have a knack for instant anthems and, as made clear in the video for “Little Black Dress,” which we’re stoked to premiere today, appreciate a pinch of weird."

"Directed by John Theroux, the video was shot at the high-rise restaurant MBar and features cameos by several Seattle musicians and visual artists."

Fluxin' About

  • Marquetta Miller of Breaks and Swells performs a solo set at the Hotel Sorrento this Friday, June 29th at 7pm. More info

  • Dirty Dirty will be part of a stacked bill featuring Screech, Werthless, and Meatbeaters at Lucky Liquor in Tukwila this Friday, June 27th at 8pm. More info

  • Breaks and Swells announce their upcoming show with All Star Opera and Flip Phone at Chop Suey Sunday, July 29th at 7pm. Get tickets


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