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Vox Mod
Sense of us
Sense of Us
Track List: 
 1.  The Other Side
 2.  Hyperocean
 3.  Your Skin
 4.  Empathogenic
 5.  Temporal Taste
 6.  Chronosthesia
 7.  Nothing Ever Ends
Sense of Us is radio ready and all tracks are FCC Clean. 

"Vox Mod -- aka Scot Porter -- has always explored otherworldly dimensions with his music, ever since his 2013 debut SYN-ÆSTHETIC. With Sense of Us, he explores the journey within ourselves."


"'Sense of Us'’s sustained grooves makes it a great repeat listen, and it represents the finest crystallization of Vox Mod’s aesthetic to date. Think electronic music has trouble engaging heart, hips, and headspace all at once? Prepare to have that notion blown out of the water."

-Artist Home

"One of the few local artists who has made science fiction that is not reflexive and actually looks forward is Vox Mod. This producer/musician/futurist has released five LPs/EPs under his name, is the drummer in the space-rock band Lazer Kitty, and recently collaborated with RA Scion on Shaper Tool; Bigger Weapon. He is about the production of a science fiction that is on the horizon of our point in time. "

-The Stranger

"No one else in Seattle creates electronic music quite like Vox Mod. He balances free flowing cosmic vibes with twitchy hyperactive energy bursts in a way that feels both atypical and natural. His latest album Pure Consciousness (co-produced and mixed by Erik Blood) delivers a new batch of sonic realms to explore with the aid of vocalists Irene Barbaric, Daniel G. Harmann, and Fey Moth."

-Seattle Met

"Vox Mod, aka Seattle native Scot Porter, has been dropping a succession of sleek, futureshocked hip-hop collections – including the excellently titled Selected Transient Works 04-09 – on his Bandcamp for a little while now. A full-length proper, SYN-AESTHETIC, is due later this year, and will feature turns from THEESatisfaction associate Erik Blood and Robot Koch’s Jahcoozi outfit." 


Sense of Us, the latest release from Seattle electro shaman Vox Mod, is a contemplative, elegant exploration of connection—to self, to others, to the cosmos. Departing from the instrumental hyperactivity of previous releases, Vox Mod takes center stage as lead vocalist. Densely-layered melodies further enhance the feeling of duality that permeates the EP, Vox Mod serving as the guide through a spiritual journey to the center of the soul.

Vox Mod is Seattle electronic artist Scot Porter. Over the last several years he has released transcendental, psychedelic electronic albums featuring vocalists such as Erik Blood, Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces, voice actor John Rafter Lee and many more. 

Vox Mod has performed around the world including Prague, Yangon, NYC, LA, Reykjavik, and Sitka. They have performed at Sasquatch Music Festival, Decibel Festival, Iceland Airwaves and with many artists like The Orb, Clark, Dan Deacon, Neon Indian, Jagwar Ma, Future Islands, Moderat, Plaid, Janelle Monae, Jamie Lidell, Lusine, DJ Swamp, The Soft Moon, Author & Punisher, Teen Daze, Blue Hawaii.

Sense of Us was performed and produced by Vox Mod and mastered by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering. Album art by Frank Correa.

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