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charlie and
the rays
self-titled debut
charlie and the rays
Track List: 
 1.  Babe, It's Time To Go
 2.  Tell Me When
 3.  Little Kitty
 4.  Blossom Child 
 5.  Ain't No Way To Know
 6.  Words
 7.  I've Got A Feeling
 8.  Song Of Love
 9.  So Long Boy
10. Adelaide
11. My Baby's Good
12. Sun Song 
Charlie and the Rays is radio ready and all tracks are FCC Clean. 

"—[Charlie and the Rays] build songs around call-and-response harmonies, with a strong lead voice providing the bridge to three-part singing. To my ear, though, this is rhythm and blues music with an updated early 1960's "girl group" vibe. Songs such as "Just Say That You Love Me" and "Can't get You Off" evoke the party pop of the early '60s and some of the harmonies remind me of early records by The Nields.  "Oh My My" is an especially fun offering in which the horns and mouth harp jump, and so do the vocals. —Off Center Views

"—from the music of Motown to the apparent simplicity of Simon & Garfunkel's folk-pop, from the heartfelt folkies roots of Peter, Paul And Mary, to the vocal charm of the country pop of the delicious Dixie Chicks, from the deep repose of Alabama Shakes tradition to the pop glitter of Paul McCartney And Wings, without forgetting the heterogeneous stylist pot of the band from Boston, Massachusetts, Lake Street Dive —Charlie And The Rays offer a thousand slopes, and all [of them] interesting.


"Black Licorice is an extremely promising and easy listen.  The songs each work as standouts on their own and when listened to side by side show the talents and depths of the bands abilities.  If you're a fan of eclectic works and songs, showing a wide range of abilities over numerous instruments, lend your ears to Charlie And The Rays. —Northwest Music Scene

Charlie and the Rays channel the spirit of 60’s protest folk, Americana and Laurel Canyon country rock on their self-titled debut LP. Ornate harmonies permeate the album, adding a sublime presence to the political unease inherent in the lyrics. Produced by Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, Smokey Brights) at Litho and Crackle & Pop studios in Seattle, the album is a sprawling pastiche of roots rock and pop. Fans of First Aid Kit, Vance Joy and HAIM will enjoy Charlie and the Rays’s enchanting command of songcraft. 

Seattle-based band Charlie and the Rays, comprised of sisters Rebecca and Jordan Stobbe and childhood friend Gracia Bridges, meld traditional folk with contemporary rock. Forming as buskers on the streets of Pike Place Market in Seattle, they played covers of their inspirations including Peter, Paul, and Mary and The Everly Brothers. The band highlights powerful female vocal harmonies, exuberant guitar licks and McCartney-esque basslines, creating a new take on a classic sound. With an innate awareness and desire for political involvement and social equality, their music not only holds the intimacy of traditional love songs, but much of their music also bears an uplifting sense of revolution. 


Charlie and the Rays was produced by Johnny Sangster at Litho and Crackle & Pop studios in Seattle, mastered by Rachel Field and Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering in Seattle.  

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