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Track List: 

1. I Want Doubts
2. Fully Clothed/Slightly Concussed
3. Menace
4. It Doesn't Get Better
5. Movement Dark
Deep is radio ready and all tracks are FCC Clean. 

Deep is a rollicking, raging and timely critique of American culture: hardcore punk kept melodically zany by a full-throated horn section.  Actionesse harness a sonic assault akin to a Danny Elfman score on PCP.  Cleverly crafted, deliciously dissonant and oddly hummable, Deep will please fans of At the Drive-In, Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu.    

Actionesse is an ever-evolving project by four different styles of musicians coming together to find common ground —Born, bred and bathed in brassy broth, Actionesse is a four-piece heavy punk rock/post-horncore group freeloading from Seattle, Washington. Their textured, maximalist approach to genre-bending has been lauded as 'weirdo rock' —their live performance 'Like a swirling tornado' onstage.

Deep was written by Actionesse.  Produced by Actionesse, Simon Nicol and friends. Engineered and mixed by Simon Nicol at Mysterious Red X and mastered by Matt Stegner in Seattle. 

“[Pseudosupervillain] the second release from their forthcoming debut EP, Mignon, features the band’s controlled chaos to a T, with dirty, ska horns and clamoring vocals that rise to a boiling point.

In its video incarnation, two rival tennis teams take an ironic spin on the court in the match of their lives. Suited up, swigging from a flask, throwing rackets, and losing mustaches, the players bring to life the jam-packed frustration and plummeting rock and roll rhythms of the promising new tunes.


"Theirs is an electric force field that activates when Actionesse plays, and it seems to be generated from Ian Reed's spiraling spiral hair..." Seattle Music Insider

"Free-wheeling, technically proficient, and filled with enough body-shaking  grooves to tire out a VHS aerobics instructor, Actionesse could very well be your new favorite band. " Northwest Music Scene

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